DJ Bahzz

Ray Bastian, aka BAHZZ [ba-awz], is a 27-year-old producer/DJ and Louisiana native. Attributing his most memorable influences of music to his father who played Miles Davis’s “Mystery from the Doo-Bop” every morning for years when growing up as a child. This ‘wake-up call’ ignited his love of gripping bass cords and smooth jazz melodies henceforth the inspiration for his name.

Acquainting himself with catalogs of songs new and old and initially ensuing interest in rap and R&B, BAHZZ also plays piano, brass, trumpet, French horn, and ethnic percussion. His skills and hungry approach to exploring music has very well attributed to the evolution of his current sound. A sound described as a progressive hybrid of digital acoustics with elements of new jack swing, jazz, blues, rap and a touch of nostalgic R&B from the decades past.

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