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  • Jerk chicken or pork with festival, Jamaica
    What: When you think of Jamaican cuisine, chances are you think of jerk chicken (or pork). And rightly so: It’s the most iconic of Jamaican meals, true Jamaican soul food that belongs to Jamaicans, and by far the most common export abroad in terms of dishes. Jerk actually refers to the way… Boston Jerk Center, […]
  • Dürüm, Istanbul
    What: This ever-popular “Turkish wrap” takes grilled lavaş (lavash; a thin tortilla-like flatbread) and rolls it around various meat and vegetable fillings, from döner to tavuk şiş (chicken kebab), usually with a little salad—parsley, tomato, onion—thrown in.… S?raselviler Cad. No. 2 Istanbul, Turkey
  • Balik ekmek, fish sandwich, Istanbul
    What: One of Istanbul’s most quintessential meals is as simple as can be: balık ekmek (“fish bread”), a fish sandwich most famously consumed under or around the Galata bridge, where it’s been peddled for decades. The fish in question is most often uskumru, or mackerel,… Galata Bridge, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Cape Grim beef, Hobart, Tasmania
    What: Beef is beef, so what makes Tasmanian beef so special? Paddocks of plenty, clean running waters, the purest air in the world, and a team of roving masseurs for each and every bovine, that’s what! Well, perhaps not the last one, but in Tasmania’s far northwest the other three… 23 Hunter St., Hobart, Tasmania
  • Local Spirits: Tasmanian Whisky, Gin, Apple Cider, Hobart, Tasmania
    What: It’s hard to believe, but until the 1990s whisky distillation was illegal in Tasmania—partly as a result of its convict heritage, and partly thanks to the usual red tape failing to keep up with a burgeoning new industry. But nowadays Tasmania is the whisky capital of Australia:… 24a Barrack St. Hobart, Tasmania
  • Local Tasmanian seafood and fish, Hobart, Tasmania
    What: Tasmania’s cold, tempestuous waters are rich in marine life—shellfish, deep-sea tuna, trout, salmon, abalone, you name it—so you’ll most definitely come across plenty of seafood on restaurant menus. As for preparation, whereas in years past the dining habits of… 20 Blackman Bay Rd., Hobart, Tasmania
  • Local Tasmanian wine, Hobart, Tasmania
    What: Let’s face it: Until the 1950s, Tasmania was a brewer’s playground, with beer being the alcoholic beverage of choice since the convict days in the 1700s. Thankfully, a migrant with an eye for detail and a nose for wine noticed how closely the terroir and climate matched that of… 257 Richmond Rd., Cambridge, Tasmania
  • Wallaby, Hobart, Tasmania
    What: Found in the forests and fields across Tasmania, wallabies look very similar to the kangaroos for which Australia is famous, only much smaller and with a thicker fur to handle those cold Tasmanian winters. A source of sustenance for aboriginal Tasmanians for thousands of years, wallaby has,… Brooke Street Pier, Hobart, Tasmania
  • Abalone, Hobart, Tasmania
    What: The cold, pristine, nutrient-rich waters of the Tasman Sea provide ideal conditions for high-quality wild blacklip and greenlip abalone—large edible sea snails. In fact, many Tasmanian aboriginals tell stories of their matriarchal ancestors diving in grass skirts to great depths for… 28-30 Argyle St. Hobart, Tasmania
  • Curried scallop pie, Hobart, Tasmania
    What: It was while searching for oysters back in the late 1800s that the first sizable discovery of scallops was made in Hobart, in the cold waters of the adjacent River Derwent. The evolution of the simple scallop into Tasmania’s famous curried scallop pie is not well documented,… 6/50 Bridge St. Richmond, Tasmania