New Music Friday: Bebe Rexha delivers a straight-up therapybanger

June 15, 2018

Notes on this week’s new releases: I’m A Mess is Bebe Rexha‘s best song since 2015’s I Don’t Wanna Grow Up EP. The pre-chorus is a blinder — “everything’s gonna be alright, everything’s gonna be okay, it’s gonna be a good, good life, that’s what my therapists say” — but it’s the verse two line […]

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Sophia from Four Of Diamonds was going to be a vet but she became a popstar instead, so if your pet dies it’s her fault

June 14, 2018

“Too excited to eat breakfast” is how Sophia Saffarian (second from left in the picture above) describes the mood in the Four Of Diamonds camp when we phone for a chat. 24 hours before the band’s debut single Name On It is due for release, the long-awaited culmination of over two years’ work means Sophia will […]

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Becky Hill, UK pop’s greatest secret weapon, is totally going to do it this time

June 6, 2018

A few nights ago Becky Hill was asking Twitter for advice on how to deal with an injured bird. Moments before we spoke for this interview, she’d stepped out of her front door and straight onto a dead mouse. Nature is a bastard and so, sometimes, is pop. Becky almost happened when she appeared on […]

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Presenting SEXENONONO: Girls Aloud vs Brian Eno in the ultimate concentration and productivity playlist

May 29, 2018

Fact 1: Concentrating and being productive is difficult when work is boring, or revision is boring, or everything is boring, and there’s social media that needs checking every two minutes. Fact 2: In the 1980s a person called Francesco Cirillo invented The Pomodoro Technique: you’d set a timer for, say, 25 minutes, and work like […]

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New Music Friday: let’s just say the No Rome single is better than ‘U2 x Cheat Codes’

May 25, 2018

Notes: No Rome‘s 1975-produced (NOT THAT YOU’D GUESS) Do It Again is a miniature masterpiece. Spotify’s credits leave the producer name blank on the Call Me Loop single so we can only assume this song is the work of DJ Earworm. Shawn Mendes‘ Nervous is the most Julia Michaels song you’ve ever heard. The LOVA […]

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New Music Friday: A Totally Bandit week for pop, plus Christine and the Queens returns

May 18, 2018

Notes: The new Christine and the Queens single was released on a day that wasn’t Friday, which means it doesn’t quality for top-of-the-playlist status, and also it’s not as good as the Clean Bandit and Demi Lovato single, so that’s all worked out fine. Great to see Leon Else get a big moment on the […]

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Flyposterwatch: Years & Years, The 1975, James Bay

May 16, 2018

There is no sight more magnificent, no pop glory higher than a nicely presented array of pop-related flyposters. “There’s something cultural happening!” it says. “Here’s a slightly illegal and therefore politely anarchic advertisement for it.” And there’s a real treat happening right now at the interesting end of Kensington High Street. Non-industry wankers might not […]

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We’ve listened to the Clean Bandit and Demi Lovato song ten times in a row and here are our findings

May 10, 2018

First off, let’s consider the artwork. Here we have a blue hand on a lady’s legs, sitting on top of the planet Earth as it passes through a hole into another dimension. And in a way aren’t we all, sometimes, a blue hand on a lady’s legs sitting on top of the planet Earth as […]

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Jess Glynne’s new single might be her seventh Number One, so let’s ask her seven questions

May 3, 2018

Jess Glynne’s record-breaking tally of UK Number One singles recently hit six (SIX!) but that count will probably increase in the coming weeks because I’ll Be There is a right old stormer for reasons including but not limited to: it sitting somewhere in the magical area between banger and ballad, its message of support and […]

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Orla Gartland makes good music but hasn’t considered the practical side of living in a lighthouse

May 3, 2018

Orla Gartland’s a really charismatic, sort-of-new singer songwriter whose newest release is low-key rumbler I Go Crazy. It’s out this week — she made it with collaborators The Usual Suspects, the newly-formed production duo consisting of La Roux’s Ben Langmaid and Sean Genockey. There’s a great line in the song about being on “the edge […]

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